Lens Care Tips

The below is some tips about lens care followed by camera shoulder bag that protects your lens
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For many newcomers, baby lens is dirty, it will take a deep breath and thenblew on the lens, and then breathed cloth to wipe, wipe it with a pair of spectacles or Cabo as a method to wipe their lenses, which a lot of people in the clean lens, often make the action, thinking that it would make mirror bright. But in fact, out of the Kazakh gas contains chemical substances, not only clean up well, but will let you lost a loved mirror, in the end is how to do it correctly?

(A) Kazakh gas will be a bad thing

Breathing oxygen inhaled will, spit carbon dioxide, while the Kazakh gas will produce carbon dioxide and water, and clear glass windows need Kazakh gas, is due to the use of a thin layer of mist moist glass, easy to wipe. But do not use this kind of action above the lens, because the lens of the optical mirror, there will be a special coating coating, Kazakhstan out of breath, with acidic ingredients, it will only damage the lens, not on the cleaning have any role!

(B) clean-up methods

Suggest that, if you want a little cleaning the lens, you can take advantage of blowing blow away dust on the lens, and then use the camera dedicated lens cloth for cleaning. If your eyes can not tolerate a sand, stick with a special lens cleaning fluid, and also do not place liquids directly on the lens. Correct procedure, it should be cleaned by blowing first, and then one or two drops of clean droplets above the lens paper, and then from the middle outwards gently wipe the lens.
However, if the lens is not really dirty, it is recommended that a blower, a wind blowing down the lens like, avoid excessive movement of the lens scratched lens, if the circumstances are serious, their cleaning not sure, then you can return the original clean the lens, which would also be more appropriate.


Now that your lens are saved you can put thme inside dslr camera bags for extra protection.

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