Main Differences of HDMI VGA Converter and Adapter

As the high speed development of HD video technology, public’s need of video entertainment is also increasing. Or we can say the two aspects complement each other. More and more people chose to play the PC’s HD video on big LCD screen. At here, there is one gadget we have to mention: HDMI to VGA converter. As the name suggests, we can know that it is a device that can transfer HDMI digital signal to VGA analog and audio signal. The premise is that there is HDMI output interface (such as HD top box, blur-ray DVD, laptop, etc)


Main reference parameter: video input port HDMI, main format (720P, 1080I, 1080P, etc); video output port VGA, the output resolution definition changes according to the HDMI, highest support 1920*1080; audio output parameter 3.5mm.

hdmi vga converter

There is also HDMI to VGA adapter, which has similar functions the converter, but it is not a normal line. As the HDMI port provide a power source of +5V and directly supply power for the converter, the manufactures make it into small types and packaging it into the line.


We know that, the traditional VGA signal has no audio, but the HDMI to VGA adapter perfectly consult this problem. In the function part, it replaces the traditional HDMI top box and stores the signals into a small chip, which is very convenient for operating and carrying. You should know that the HDMI digital signal and VGA analog signal is not compatible, so it also plays the role of converter and decoder.


Then, do they have differences? Yes, it mainly exists in the below parts. Power supply: adapter doesn’t need an independent power while the converter still needs one for the complicate electric circuit inside. Transfer way: adapter simply connects the lines while the converter is converted with the inner chips. Effect: from the descriptions above, you might have known that the final effect of converter is better than the adapter, which is also the reality. Converter can maintain the quality of the signal. Cost: better effect means higher cost; you had to pay a high price for better enjoyment.

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