Mirrorless or DSLR, Which One is More Suitable for You

As the great development of smart phone in shooting, the market for the normal digital cameras has shrunken to the smallest. Mirrorless and DSLR have the remaining member of cameras. However, the choice between them is also not an easy job.


Only M4/3 has a sufficient focus range lens group in Mirrorless cameras. However, in the article of Compare Mirrorless Cameras In Censor Frame, we know that the M4/3 has poorer image than APS-C. Once you choose the mirrorless cameras, you probably only have certain choices. If there is no favorite focus range, you may have to wait for the manufactures. As comparison, even Pentax has dozens of lenses, much less than Nikon and Canon. In the terms of optical technology, the DSLR manufactures have developed dozens years. Even to Sony, the optical technology is the short part of him. The NEX lens group is far from abundant. Sony had claimed that the Nex trademark has been deactivate. What will be the next mirrorless of Sony; will it is in the same dimension? All the things are up in the air. Maybe 10 years later, there will be a large number of lenses for NEX20. However, no one can certain whether that would be another kind of camera. What’s more, don’t forget the smart phone.

sony nex 5t

Continuous shooting is one of the selling points of the manufactures. In fact, even the Samsung S3 can shoot 20 in 2 seconds. This data looks very good, but there is still a question, they can only do the work in fixed exposure and focus. For static scenes, it would be nice, but to moving objects, forget it. Meanwhile, the speed of DSLR has contained the focusing and metering. Focusing problem is the great part of Canon and Nikon. Don’t believe that, look at the sports photographers, I believe that 99% of them are using Canon or Nikon.


In the term of photography accessory, the small size and integrated design mirrorless has great disadvantages in interfaces. Second, the history of it is very short. Though big manufactures have developed some universal parts for it, the sum is still very few. Another problem is that the advertised portability is gone when attached with some accessories.

In general, if you want a better image than your phone but don’t need too professional operation. Mirrorless is no doubt your best choice. However, if you really want to start your photography trip, DSLR, even the entry level one is your only choice. Of course, you can choose a mirrorless as a second one.

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