Mistakes You Should Avoid in Choosing Cameras

All camera manufactures have new devices in every year, which brings a lot of problems for those guys hard in making choices. In fact, the current cameras are very well now and mostly the biggest problem happens at the customers. Below are the mistakes you should avoid.


High pixel is equal to great image. This is the most common concept for novices. Just image no matter how great your television it is, the image will not be too great if you play the movies of last century. The quality of camera is determined by the lens, censor, arithmetic capability, and many other factors. Pixel is only representing of the final definition. However, you shouldn’t get into the other extreme that pixel is useless. For example, Lumia 1020 need the high pixels of 42M to maintain its performance, which is due to the imaging principle. Pixel is an important factor but only one of them.


Big DC aperture = DSLR Aperture. This is the most heard reason that somebody want to purchase a DC. The advantages of big aperture are increasing shutter speed and bokeh. It is the same in shutter speed for DC and DSLR, but not in bokeh. According to the censor size, it would be great difference to the same F1.8.

5D3 24mm

High ISO = High available ISO. The ISO limitation of EOS 5D Mark III is 51200. But I’m not sure about it as I almost never exceed 6400. ISO determines the noise of a photo, so I uses only 1/4 of the current consumer devices.


Nikon/Canon/Sony is better. Really? If the answer is YES, all the problems become easy. The Nikon devices I have contacted with is great in controlling and dark area details; Canon’s focusing speed and lens are my most favorite parts; Sony is almost a consumer electronic that include HDR, panorama, video, GPS, and other things you want. Of course, Leica is also great, but the price is unaffordable for many people. Mirrorlees is the compromise of DC and DLSR. There is no perfect camera, but everyone can find the most suitable one, so there are so many funny in the choosing of photography gear. Put more time to know more about him as you are choosing a companion. Maybe you have recognized the mistakes that you had occurred, but as my experiences, it probably you may get into it next time, so before making the deal, keep these things in your mind.

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