Pack Up These Camera Accessories Before Your Trip

Travel has became one of the most common and beloved activities. No matter where are you going, most of people will choose to use the camera to record the happiness of the trip. You have a large number of choices to complete the work. Point and shot, iPhone, mirrorless, and DSLR are the most used ones. Though iPhone and mirrorless have become more and more popular, DSLR is still the top choice for getting best image quality. This article is about how to do a sufficient preparation for the trip.

You must have known the weather, season, and other things about your destination in the preparation process. If you are still don’t know, go to Google and get the results. It is very important to know these things.

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First thing you need to consider is the lens. Are you aiming for wildlife, or is it a totally landscape trip? Canon 70-200 mm is no doubt one of the most popular long zoom lens for photographers. If you are aiming for wildlife, just take your longest zoom lens. If you are about to have a mountain trip, a 17-40mm or other wide angle lens may meet your needs. Just have a trip in the big cities? 50mm and 80mm lenses are good choices. In fact, I’d like to recommend you take 3 or 4 lens at hand. Take a DLP filter lens for landscape trip.

How much time would you stay at the destination? Would you take a laptop with you, or you just store all your photos into your SD card and take to home? Knowing these things can help you estimate the number of SD cards you need to take. Have a laptop on the trip, you just need to prepare two cards at hand and backup them at rest. Otherwise, you need to take more cards according to your real condition. The situation is similar for batteries.

After doing these things, you have completed 80% of your preparation. Other accessories are mostly depended to your real condition. If you will have the trip alone, I’d recommend taking a tripod. But if you have your family or other non-photography purpose friends, please forget this item. Does the weather of your destination is rainy? If so, a waterproof camera cover may help you a lot.

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Protecting your DSLR is the last thing you need to do now. A professional camera backpack or shoulder bag is highly recommended. Just consider about the above things you would take and assume the capacity you need. If you prefer to take your current outdoor backpack, I wound insist you buy a cotton padded insert bag for protection.

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