Rain Cover Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Shoulder Bag

Shoulders back camera bags are photography enthusiast or professional photographer comparative favorite accessory, because their loading capacity, carrying comfort, suitable for long distance travel outdoor photo use. However, the ease of pick up equipment to analyze, they run faster than this action restricted, so many people in the “street beat” is not considered when selecting such products. Because spotted above disadvantage, many camera bags camera bag manufacturer recently to improve the shoulders of the design, they pick up equipment to enhance the flexibility, while the original weight-bearing force and excellent protection does not lose

You can choose three kinds of different ways to take the place of your photographic equipment. When used as a shoulder camera bag bear, through the shoulder strap, belt and chest strap distribute weight. Need a quick pick and place equipment, loosen the side straps so that you can freely slide backpack chest, open the side cover to pick up a digital SLR camera with a lens, such as the need for other equipment, the backpack to the other shoulder, and Open another side cover. Both sides of the inside of the side cover design store memory cards and lens cap pocket. You can also open the front cover directly into the main equipment positions to easily get all the equipment, the main equipment has adjustable positions inside compartments separated by a sponge adjusted.
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Three kinds of methods to bear

When you need to put into a shoulder bag oblique package, simply cross buckle strap, red strap buckle red impounded achieve the right shoulder to bear, blue strap buckle blue bear left shoulder suspension of implementation In this case, the other side straps can easily be hidden.

Sponge padded laptop mezzanine

Backpack back with sponge pad entirely by thick sandwich can be placed 15.6 inch notebook computer or other dimensions of 38x26x4cm equipment.

Sponge padded top compartment

Canvas camera bag top compartment provides additional storage space for you to store coats, food, or other photographic supplies. On the back of the small items mesh bag to ensure the independence, security deposit, and backpack cover inside windowpane-mesh accessory pouch also can be stored extra small objects.

QuickClip tripod quick load device

Evolution Series backpacks equipped with QuickClip tripod quick load device, combined with the bottom of the tripod legs supporting the bag, can be safely and comfortably carry a compact tripod.

Pockets and rain cover

A zippered pocket on each side for storing accessories like mobile phones and iPod. Right pocket includes a removable rain cover, in extreme weather conditions can cover in the backpack.

canvas camera bag

Key Features

  • This video camera bag has two separate packets: above is for storing various objects; below is for storing camera equipments
  •  It’s practical. You may put clothes, daily necessities, snacks, etc.
  •  There’s an interlink between the two packets
  •  It has a rain cover, concealed in the bottom zippered bag, so you may not worry about the articles be soaked if you come across a rain outside
  • The fasteners and accessories of this bag are made of cowhide and metals, genuine and durable

This kind of bag from koolerbuy outlet is made from pure cotton water canvas,texture is soft, strong and durable, carry comfortable. The Lord of the bag is a pocket, the upper used the cotton rope of convergent way, plus a lid, the structure is simple. External vice bags and the ornament of fastener broke the appearance of drudgery, optional but not casually, fashion and makes the whole bag beautiful and easy, and never lose plain. This kind of bag is very suitable for photography lovers do for short trips, also can be used in the daily travel. The setting sun under the afterglow, carrying such a simple and plain bag, walked slowly, keep the memory of the way with a camera, taste life gently, it will make your journey warm and romantic.

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