Reasons That You Don’t Need A New Camera

Almost every photographer has the time of infatuation on the new cameras. Many of them can count out the latest camera bodies: Sony A7/A7R, A7000, Nikon D7100, Canon 70D, or even the rumored Canon 7D Mark II. It seems that the new cameras have a special charming to all of the photographers. However, do you really it? I’m afraid most of time you needn’t.

landscape photography

If you always browse the professional photographers’ works online, you may have found that many of them are using the old cameras like Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D90, and so on. In fact, though the manufactures have made all the efforts into developing new cameras and technology, the changes between the old and new ones are not obvious. To myself, there are 5 reasons that I don’t want another camera body.

My main photography area doesn’t need too strong focusing system. Landscape and portrait are the two main parts of my jobs. Both of them needn’t too powerful focusing system, which is the most obvious improvement of the new cameras. To portrait photography, the focusing system of 5D Mark II can perfectly complete the job. Of course, if you are aiming for wildlife and sports photography, you may need to upgrade your camera.

I don’t need more megapixels. It is also the condition of most of people that only share their works on Facebook or print it out. Besides, I think the investment of lens is much better than the camera. Unless you upgrading your smartphone or compact camera to mirrorless or DSLR, you friends won’t find the differences between them. Meanwhile, if you are purchasing a new lens, the condition is totally different with the different focus range, aperture, and other features. If you can do better jobs with a new lens, why not purchase a new one?

camera lens

Someone always mistakes the photography level with the cameras, though they also know what it is really is. If you are serious photographer, you must have been very familiar with the operation of your camera, but when you transfer to a new body, you will have to adapt your habit for them.

Then, when do you need to buy a new one? If your current camera can’t meet your needs any more in some features (ex, focusing) and the new one can do that job, just go for it. Or you want to get into a new photography area. Besides, there is also another that makes you freely purchasing new camera bodies: you have enough money and don’t care about them.


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