Shipping Faster than Ever: Overseas Warehouses in 8 Countries Completed

Great news from KoolerBuy to you! To respond to complaints about long delivery times, KoolerBuy( has built overseas warehouses in 8 countries to ensure that customers get their packages faster, including: United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Japan. Received in 3 business days is guaranteed for stocks in these countries’ warehouse. Purchasing from our overseas Warehouses, the time cost will be lowered greatly.



However, now not all products are in stock in our overseas warehouses. To help you check if the product you decide to purchase is in stock in your country’s warehouse, Manager Han from KoolerBuy shared two ways.

The first way is to find the status at the product page. Koolertron IT team developed a new function to help the user to check if the item is in stock in the user’s country by the IP address of a visitor.

For instance, if you are the user from US, you browse products at KoolerBuy. Then you may find this:

 US Stock

It proves that this item is in US Stock and you can receive the package in three days after you pay for the order.

Therefore visitors from those 8 countries will clearly know if the item is in stock in their home country before purchasing the product they like.

Another way is to directly browse our special category named as “Overseas Warehouse Support”. And you can find it here(at the top of webpage) >>>


in stock

Clike the “Overseas Warehouse Support” button, then you enter into the special page. At the left of the page, you can find:


 in stock 1


Yes, it is very easy and obvious.


If your shipping address is not within our target countries (even if it was near our Warehouses), KoolerBuy will send the package from our Shenzhen Warehouses instead.