Solution of Focusing In DSLR Video Shooting – Follow Focus

Just like the matte box, follow focus is also original coming from the accessory of traditional movie shooting. Though we are using digital SLR now, the follow focus is still very useful.


The auto focusing function of camera in video shooting is still far from satisfactory and can’t get the expectation effect. At this time, we can use follow focus to improve focusing control accuracy.


It is a design according with human body mechanics: change hand moving direction of focusing for more convenient operation; decrease the possibility of image shaking. Meanwhile, the using of follow focus can increase the focusing length (compared with the cinematograph, most of the camera lenses are too short), which is helpful for accurately controlling the image focus.


The structure and design of it is very simple: the core part is the corner gearbox. In the professional video shooting, the cinematographer controls the video camera while there is a certain assistant to manage the focus.


Wireless follow focus is a new technology. It allows the follow focus man away from the cinematographer and controlling the image focus in wireless way. This way provides certain convenience for video shooting, and of course, the cost is higher. It is a popular technology in the high-end movie shooting, but to beginner and personal purposes, it is not recommended. Meanwhile, there are also many ways that allow us to control the focus with the smart ends like smartphone, desktop, etc. The technology is still not mature enough.


USB follow focus is a special product as the appearance of DSLR video. Currently, it is only used in the Canon DSLRs. Unlike the previous follow focus products, it is synced with the camera with USB and controlled by the built-in application. However, this kind of follow focus is still only available with parts of the AF-S lenses.

follow focus finder with gear belt

When it comes to the topic of purchasing, my suggestion is a top one, which can apply to most of the lenses and meet the needs of shooting. It will have obvious of improvement in shooting quality. Take this Koolertron follow focus finder with gear belt as example. It is suitable with the mainstream DSLRs concluding Canon 550D, 600D, 60D, 5D2, Nikon D5200, D7000, D7100, Sony A27, NEX7, etc.


When using the general type of the follow focus, you must put the rods through the standard 15mm rod holes. And it is not very convenient to detach. Maybe you should detach off the other accessories, such as the mattebox, camera cage etc. With our follow focus, you will never bother about this. The standard 15mm rod holes of the Follow Focus F4 is half round, you have to do is to fasten and loosen the small screw on the follow focus.

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