Solution of Protecting Your DSLR Lens – UV Filter

Photographers need an entire shooting solution than a camera. The threshold of photography is very low: you just need a camera or even a smart phone. Look at Flickr and Instagram, iPhone has occupied the top 3 of the devices. However, to get better effect of shooting, you need the DSLR as well as some accessories. UV filter is one of them.

B+W filter

UV had been existed in the times of film photography to erase the damage of ultraviolet rays. Now, the most important function of UV has turned to protection. In theory, UV can weaken the blue tone that caused by ultraviolet. To digital cameras, it also can keep away the interruption to CCD and helpful to increase the definition and color. Most of the time, the most useful feature is protecting lens. Don’t believe that? Search UV filter broken in Google, you will find out how many lenses does it save.

There is no 100% transmittance UV. There is unavoidable to decrease the light through rate, and then harm to image quality, though very slightly and hard to see. This is also biggest different of good and bag UV. So put most of your attention on this point while purchasing. High transmittance material can decrease the effect to the lowest. Normally, the German UV filters are the best, which is also the reason of B+W’s high price. High fidelity is also an important parameter. The features of anti-glare, waterproof, and oil resistance are very practical.

It is a common condition of lose light in wide angle lens. Unluckily, UV will also leads to the same scene, so the thinner the filter, the less the affection, of course, the higher the price.

UV filter

Then, do you really need an UV? Before thinking of the question of “which one should I purchase”, I’d rather you to consider of the question of “Do I really need it?” Maybe many people have told you that the cheap lens like 18-55 mm needn’t to attach a UV. My opinion is on the opposite side. These kinds of users are mostly the home customers who don’t expect too much on the image quality. However, the problems in daily life and travel make the UV filter very necessary. Some special lens needn’t UV. The group concludes the invagination lens, wide angle and fish eye lens. To sports lovers and journalists, UV filter is necessary.

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