Some Necessary Accessories For Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most popular sports for outdoor activities lovers. It is also an important factor that attracts people joining the group of cyclists. Though the bike is first designed for mountain cycling, it is widely used for various occasions. Even some people choose it as the tool for commuting.


The history of it is not very long. In 1974, Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, and Tom Ritchey want to be away from police, car and buildings, so they build the first bicycle that can work out of the road. They start to equip the motorbike accessories on the bike. For the great achievement, the Klunker was elected as the Ten of MTB in History by Mountain Bike Action.


Though only has a short history, it has been one of the most important activities of many cyclists. However, just like many other sports lovers, cyclists pay more attention on the bike itself but less concern on the accessories. In fact, good auxiliary items can help your cycling become easier, funnier and safer. In this article, I will collect some awesome accessories for you.


Helmet. No one will doubt about the importance of head to human. Even not heavy collision may lead unrecoverable damage to human, so the helmet is very important for every cyclist. A good one has the features of lightweight, light reflecting, and sun shading. Mountain bike has no shades on the chains, so if you are not wearing the professional cycling apparel, legging is very necessary. It can effectively keep your pants from the chains.

bike front light

During the night or thronging the tunnels, it is dangerous if you can’t see the front road. A LED front bike light will can help consult such like problems. Beside the benefit of seeing the front road, you can also let the oncoming cars notice you. What’s more, the lights have a series of modes for adjusting. When we talk about lights, the back bike light is unavoidable. While the front one can tell the oncoming cars you are there, the back one can tell the back cars.

bike sunglass

Cycling goggles is not necessary at every time. But once the weather changes to windy, dust, or strong light, it becomes very useful. It not only protects your eyes from potential hazards but also increase your cycling safety. It is a good companion in both summer (strong sunlight) and winter (wind, snow, etc). Take one on your road.

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