Species of Vehicle Navigation System

For the strong performance of navigation, vehicle navi systems have become a necessary item for many drivers especially the newbie. There are two main types of vehicle navi: portable PND and Car DVD Navigation.


Vehicle DVD navi is based on the dashboard of the vehicle. It is more suitable for the owners that purchasing for the integration of vehicle equipment and better stability. However, the price of car GPS is also related higher. Added on the restriction of certain car, the choice is not hard to make. Installation of it is also a time consuming job.


PND is the abbreviation of portable navigation device. The non-DVD navigations on the market are PND. It has the advantages of portability, small size, and no complicated installation process. Compared the two main types together, you will find that: the prices between them can be 4-10 times; PND users can update online while the DVD owners need to go the 4S; installation and maintenance of DVD always need professional technician; the appearance and stability of DVD is much better than the PND. It can be said that both of them have advantages and shortcomings.


When we talk about PND, the topic of Navigation tablet is unavoidable, which is navigation with Android OS. The appearance of Android system also gives a reason to increase the hardware: 1GHz processor, 512 or 1GB RAM, etc. It is low-end for tablet and smart phone but high-end for navigations. The hardware also enriched the features. Added on the integration of WiFi, some of them even realize the function of surfing on Internet, though not very practical.


Does the tablet installed with navigation app different from navi tablet? The answer is YES. Tablets pay more attention on the feature of entertainment. The GPS mode is only the integration of simple compatibility. Inaccurate positioning is not a big problem for the smart phone owners but to car owners.

mazda 6 dvd player

To car DVD player lovers, do remember to ensure that your car apply to the one you will purchase as all of them have specified vehicles. The universal ones is very few and not universal all the time. Take this Mazda 6 Navigation DVD Player as example, it is only applicable to 2008 2009 2010 Mazda 6.


As the last, there is warm prompt for the vehicle owners: don’t use the navigation after starting up. First, it is very dangerous to let eyes from the front. Second, the location needs times: static car is faster and more accurate.

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