The Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Mini Photo Printer

The digital camera makes the develop photos not accessory any more. Currently, only few photos are developed such as the wedding ones. Added on the affect of products like tablet and digital photo frame, the chance of real photo is less and less. What’s worse is that the photo shop is becoming less today and the price is very high. However, to most of us, the feeling of real photo is much different from the electronic signals on the screens. For the convenience or cost, you may have noticed the mini photo printers.

mini photo printer

Mini photo printers are the ones that can only print 6 inch photos (some of them support 8 inch). These ones don’t choosing this traditional inkjet printer but the thermal dye sublimation for imaging. This kind is very small in size and allows you take it on a journey. The population of it is happened in these 10 years. One of the reasons is that the recognition of high maintenance cost and bad performance of the traditional inkjet printer. Added on the convenience and not bad performance, mini thermal dye sublimation ones attract much attention.

traditional photo printer

In many people’s impression, this mini thermal dye sublimation printer is coated with dye but the fact is not that. It still needs independent ink for imaging. To maintain the photo quality, most manufactures will pack the ink ribbon and papers for selling. The advantage is the assurance of image quality. The chance of color cast is very low. In fact, the unique cost of every photo is much dearer, but the controllability of it is better than the photo shop.

printer and photos

Resolution is an unavoidable topic of printer. The common data of it is 300DPI. You may remember that inkjet one is as high as 6400DPI. However, in fact, for the difference of working principle, the 300DPI of thermal dye sublimation has exceeded the effect of 6400DPI inkjet printer. Some advanced ones can achieve 403 or 600DPI. Normal ones of 300DPI is already comparable with level of photo shop.


One small ones now have built-in mobile phone like features, such as the quick format passport photo. Some new ones even integrate the function of WiFi syncing and SD card printing. Filter effect is also one of the important new features, which may be important for young girls. The consumables of small photo printer can summed as the photo paper and ink ribbon. What you need to keep in mind is the compatibility of them.

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