These Habits Can Improve The Service Life Of You Camera

Digital camera, especially the DSLR, is a kind of easily damaged device. Though the production process and material is much better than before, the service life of them is still mostly based on the habits of owners.


After an outside shooting, you need to clean it up before storing in the dry box. Do clean the dirty, fingerprint, and moist on the camera body and lens. If you camera has the turntable of exposure, turn it to the OFF mode. If you will not use it for a long time, you’d better unload the batteries and other accessories like flashes. These devices should be stored in dry and cool place. Don’t it around the devices and objects with magnetic (recorder, television, and amplifier).

camera maintain

Use blow brush to erase the dirty on the camera body; use soft cloth to clean the dust on the lens and viewfinder. If you used it in moist environment, do totally clean it up. If you used it at the seashore or on the boat, use packing sheet to clean it up first and another dry cloth to final the job.


You can you brow brush to brow up the dust on the reflector but never erase it. Only advanced maintenance man can operate this sophisticated job. Don’t let your hand or other object touching on the shutter, reflector, auto iris, and other rotary items.


If there is dirty on the lens, there will be faculae or blur on the photos and does harm to the image quality. Do remember that the optical glass is softer than the normal ones and easier harming for it, so be careful. If you are doing this job first time, I’d rather to recommend you find help from the professional people or repairing institution.


For long terms of storing, take out the battery and put it in cool and dry box. You may know the trouble similar to the batteries in your family’s television remote control. The separation of will improve the service life of them. Take it out from your camera bags, clean up, packed with drier, and then put the soft cloth. Highly recommend take it out for using monthly.


Beside the right way of daily habits, some cleaning and storing gadgets are essential. Such as the bow brush, lens pen, dry box, driers, etc. Highly recommend to ask help from your friend or the seller of your camera.

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