Things You Need to Know for Long Distance Cycling

Many cyclists choose to start their long distance cycling plan in the holidays. It is a good idea. However, different from cycling around your houses, long distance trip needs more preparations and attentions.


First thing is the health condition of you. If you are in or just recover from a disease (especially the respiratory passageways and physical strength related), strongly recommend you abundant the trip or ask advices from your doctors. Besides, if you have been away from the activity for a long time, suggest you to do a recovery short cycling.

long distance cycling

After deciding your destination, you need to know the geography and climate of the route. You can easily get the information from newspaper, magazine, book, and Internet. Make a general knowledge of the entire route, and then make a rough plan of stop. The next thing you need to do is setting up the item list and packing them into your bag. This list should at least contain necessary identification, money, clothes, repair kit, drug, and camera. Having a concept on the destination and decide which identify you need to take. In money part, a certain number of cash is necessary but don’t take too much. Credit card is a good choice but it may be unavailable in some remote places. In clothes part, two sets of outlet and pants would be enough. Repair kit and drugs are no doubt very important in the case of accidents. Recording the excellent moments and scenes of the trip makes you need the camera, so you should take it along either. Other small gadgets include, big water bottle, cell phone, tent, multifunction compass, sports shoe, needle, LED flashlight, plastic bag, Swiss Army knife, and of course, a backpack to pack the previous items up.

multifunction compass

The preparation works have been done now. Call up your friends and start your trip. There are still other things you need to keep in mind on the road. Keep in contact with your friends and don’t separate too far away. Be sure that you guys can find others easily if necessary. Downhill is one of the most interesting parts of cycling. However, it also has high rate of accident. So do remember safety is the first principle of any activities. Don’t make you too tired on the trip and have appropriate rest on the road. After all, you’re not practiced for the Tour de France, but just for entertainment and enjoy the happiness.


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