Things You Should Know About Portable Speakers

It seems that all the peripheral devices of IT products have the version of wireless, including but not only headset, keyboard, mouse, etc. Even the video card, projector has the wireless product. The reason is very simple: it provides a more convenient space and maneuverability. Convenience and usability are the top two selling point of it.


Many years ago, the version of wireless speaker had been existed, but the wireless means the connecting way of subwoofer and speaker. It is not a real one. In the below content, the product we talk about is the real portable wireless speaker.

wireless mini speaker

What’s the difference between wireless and wired speaker? The previous one has no structure distinction while the traditional one has the 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, etc. It combines all the components into the box. Early times products especially the 5.1 and 7.1 are designed for the multi-channel surround speakers. It is very hard to set up the lines of two channels, which also the biggest reason of first generation wireless appearing. However, it didn’t consult the question properly: the power problem is not consulted. You won’t be happy if the speaker is out of power while the movie plays only half time. What’s worse, it is easily disturbed. These numerous shortcomings make it abandoned by the market in a very short time.


The second generation – current products have perfectly consult these kind of problems, even some manufactures have the version of waterproof wireless speaker, which allow the users to enjoy music in the bathroom or other places with water. All digital products with Bluetooth function can freely sync with it. Owners can take it to any places they want: outdoor hiking, suburb barbecue, mountain climbing, or swimming. If it is connected with WiFi, you can control every one of them (play, adjust volume, turn on/off, etc).

waterproof mini speaker

Voice quality is an old topic. Limited by the technology of earlier times, the data transferring speed is too slow for a lossless music. At current time, the wireless data transferring speed have surpassed the data sum of lossless music, so it is an overanxious problem of voice quality.



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