Things You Should Know About the Gaming Mouse

As one of the most important computer peripherals, gaming mouse can be said as the noble of mouse group as almost all of the manufactures take the top technology and appearance into them. Also along the development of PC game and e-sports, the gaming mouse have become one of the most important members.

wired gaming mouse

Since it is named as the gaming, there are some differences from the universal ones. Now, let’s get into the world of them. First, the appearance is stunning and even some of them are just artworks. Added on the dazzling light effects, it is widely accepted by the WOW, DOTA, and other PC games lovers. One of the most famous manufactures is the Razer.


Of course, appearance is not the only advantage of them. The inner performance of it is also the much beyond the normal ones: thousands DPI, advanced censor and engine. All of them provide the best experiences of gaming.


Gaming mouse normally choose the design of advanced human engineering out shell, which can protect the comfort of customers at the greatest extent. Even for a long time, it can relieve the tiredness of hand. Customized buttons is another marked feature, which is very convenient and important to many online and competitive games. Generally, they will choose the most advanced optical engine technology, which will be used on the normal ones in years later. DPI adjust is the pixel number of one inch slipping of mouse. The advanced gaming players need very high control accuracy and speed, which means high DPI. The custom game ones also another selling point. I’m afraid everyone game players want to see they most favorite roles on their mice.

1000dpi mouse

Divided by the games, it can be divided into three parts: FPS (First-person Shooter), RTS (Real-time Strategy), and MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online). Each one has its features. Koolerbuy provides several choices for game players, such as this Rapoo 1000DPI Optical Mouse.

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