Things You Should Know When You Get Interest in Headsets

August 18, 1937, the first dynamic headphone was appeared at the hand of Eugen Beyer. Since that, people can enjoy the music as the way we do today. In the 76 years latter’s today, this small invention almost become necessity for every people.


Different people have different cognition: some of them just need to listen the music, which is the majority of us; the others are enthusiasts on HiFi. Recently years, all the consumer electronic products have a great leap in development. The big situation also decrease the average price of headset and create a group of people that need better music but not as fanatical as the HiFi fans.  You should know the price of $68.99 is impossible for monitor HiFi headphone several years ago. In fact, this group is always that but they become the leading role these days.

monitor hifi headphone

Named from the shape, it can be divided into headphone and earphone. You can know the difference from the word of head and ear. Category with the principle of sound, it can be divided into dynamic, moving iron, and electrostatic. Dynamic is the main stream way of current headsets. The working principle is some like the normal speaker. Technology of dynamic has been very mature and relative cheaper in cost. The best advantage of moving iron one is the sound insulation. Even a soft silicon case can effectively keep the voice away.


In the use part, there are 4 kinds: home use, portable, monitor, and mix. Home use one put more focus on the voice quality and sacrifices on the appearance and flexibility. It also needs a higher capacity front end. As contrast, portable headset pays more attention on appearance and flexibility. After all, no one would like to take an ugly one on the road. Monitor headphones has the most original voice quality and widely used in the music studio, dubbing room, television, broadcasting station, and MIDI studio. Mix one is a type of monitor but application to the DJ music monitoring.

wireless headphone microphone

There are several most important parameters of a headset: impedance, sensitivity, frequency response. Generally, I won’t recommend the beginners to take too much care on these parameters as they always bring you to some misunderstandings. Consumers should know what they really want, and then make out the choice. For example, if you want to freely enjoy music at home and need to speak with others, a wireless headphone with microphone is much better than others.

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