Treat Your DSLR Better Than What You Do Now

What’s the role of your camera in your daily life, wife, friend, or even life? No matter what it is, it is an important part of a photographer. Though a camera bag can’t help you get better in shooting skill, it can provide a longer service life for you.


However, choosing a good bag is not an easy job. First of all, take a overview of your gear list. A good one should first allow you put the camera, films, backup batteries, tripods, cleaning tool, or anything you need. If there is special need, you can take along with a lunch box to protect the films in the case of hot days (put some ice cakes into it).


Many DSLRs are coming with original camera bag, which is the most used one and probably the first one of many amateur photographers. However, it is designed to the public, which leads it very inconvenient for many people. It is an always condition that the space is not enough when you bought several lenses or other accessories.


Be clear about the below things before you purchase your new one:


Buy the DSLR camera bags according to your shooting theme and entire gear list. Will you purchase new accessories in the future? When and where would you use your bag? Would you carry on all your gear? Which lens is the longest of yours? Do you want a backpack, waist bag, or just a shoulder camera bag? Your preference is also an important factor. Repellency or mobility, which one is more important to you?

shoulder camera bag

Most of the time, if you not always go long distance hiking or climbing, shoulder bag would be much more convenient than backpack. Of course, if you are planning a huge project that needs a lot of accessories, you have no choice. Or you can take both of them on. If you are a tour pal that would carry a big outdoor bag on your tour, putting the small camera bag into the big may be a frequent thing to you. I would recommend you not to that as it really space-consuming. You can consider the way of hanging on the backpacks.

outdoor bag

Do keep an eye on the inner space of the bag. Generally, there are below kinds of materials: vinyl, nylon, corduroy, and cotton padded. I’d like to suggest the last one as it can effectively decrease the shocking of your rigs.


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