Twelve Reasons Why You Need A Tripod

One of the most asked questions from the photography beginner is the use of tripod. In their eyes, the tripod is only an auxiliary, unnecessary, and seldom used gadget. What’s worse, the big size, great weight, added on other photography accessories, it will increase the burden of outdoor shooting. And finally, it is left at the corner of their home.


This is definitely wrong. Many kinds of photography need tripod. It is not an auxiliary tool but the necessary one. It plays as important as the camera, lens, or at least the camera flashes. Don’t believe that? I will show you 12 reasons.


1, Smoggy like water. If you have notice and browsed the photography trick online, you must know that for smoggy like running water and waterfall, the tripod is necessary.

2, Splendid starry night or star trails. For splendid starry night, the exposure time may from 30s to several hours. Only if it is fixed on the tripod, the clear and ideal photo is available.

star track

3, Macro. For the reason of shadow depth of field, it is easily out of focusing with slighting moving. At this time, the use of tripod will help you a lot to get the safety shutter.

macro photography

4, Relieve the weight of the camera and lens. Many people don’t look much on the weight of camera, but while you using the 70-200mm or 800mm, you will find it is too heavy now. Putting the lens (yes, not camera body) on the tripod will provide a stable platform for shooting.

5, Easier self portrait. Feel trouble about the self portrait? Why not use the tripod. You can set the time up and easier get the effect you want.

6, Sunrise/Sunset. Magic hour of sunrise/sunset is the infinity theme of photography. Tripod can help you get clear photo under the insufficient light sky.

7, Car tracks. Just like the star tracks, the shooting of car tracks also need long time exposure as well as the tool of black card.

8, Light painting. The principle is similar to the car tracks.

9, Night portrait. It is not necessary to use the tripod. But with it, you work will be easier as you can use slower shutter and lower ISO to improve the light and quality of background.

10, Night landscape. To get high quality landscape, small aperture and low ISO is the best combination. But at this time, the shutter will be very slow. Tripod will consult this problem for you.

11, Time-lapse. No tripod, you time-lapse film will like a random shooting one.

12, Light support. It needn’t to fix camera. You can put your flash on it. Added on the wireless remote control, it will be good temporary light support.


To get the above kinds of photo, tripod will help a lot, even some of them are necessary. Do you still complaining about the no progress for a long time?

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