Unique 2014 Valentines Day’s Gift Ideas for Photographers

Only two days left for the Valentine’s Days. As one of the most important day of one year, Valentine’s Day means more important to the lovers. It provides a great time to the lovers to express their love. Have you prepared the gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Even you are still single now, you should prepare a gift to yourself. If he/she is a photography lovers and you want to prepare a unique gift for them, below ideas are helpful for you.

There are numerous gift ideas and recommendations online, but very few for photographer lovers. In fact, photography is not only about the camera and lens; you still have a lot of other choices. The first thing you need to be certain is your budget.

If your budget is $1000 or more, I’d recommend to you to choose a latest camera. However, when you make the deal, you should keep in mind that he/she had expressed the interest in it. After all $1000 is not a small number. A talk with he/she will help you a lot. In details camera, I would recommend the latest Nikon DF and Sony A7/7R. The previous one is designed with the concept of pure photography (non-video) while the later one is the first full frame mirrorless camera. Both of them have great charm to the photographers. By the way, be sure he/she is in the same brand line of current devices.

sony a7

If your budget is $500-$1000, you can still choose a good camera body or lens, but I prefer a lens in this price range. In the detailed lens, the more you know about he/she and photography, the easier the job. If you don’t sure about what lens he/she need, have a talk or think about another choice. Many photographers also act as a videographer. To them, a pro DSLR movie kit is really helpful. It is a combination of many parts (matte box, follow focus, shoulder support, etc).

pro dslr video rig

If your budget is $200-$500, a useful photography accessory will be great. You can freely choose the gift from Manfrotto Tripod, DSLR Video Kit, lens, or a designed backpack.

manfrotto tripod

If your budget is below $200, there are still many choices: a mini Canon/EPSON Photo Printer, Koolertron Camera Bag, Digital Photo Frame, DSLR slider rail, etc. I strongly recommend the photo printer or digital photo frame as both of them are often ignored but very useful by the photographers. Every photographer wants their works to be displayed. The two devices perfect consult the problem.

epson photo printer

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