Video Shooting Function of Canon 5D Mark 2

As a member of Canon EOS, 5D2 is the DSLR that has outstanding performance in photo and video shooting. With the features of big size full frame CMOS, 2.1MP, noise controlling in high ISO, and HD 1080p video shooting, it is widely accepted by the photography and video lovers and workers.

Canon 5d Mark 2

HD video shooting is one of the highlights, which provide the same level of video shooting compared with the costly advanced movie video camera. The high quality, easily storing, shallow depth of field, flexibility, and cheap price make it become the darling of video shooting. It is more and more used in the area of feature films, ads, wedding, or even movie. Of course, for the limited of positioning of a DSLR, there are some problems like image stability and follow focus in shooting.


5D2 video kit easily consults the various problems in shooting. For different shooting purpose, the devices may be different, but generally it concludes the follow focus, shoulder/chest/handheld, support stabilizer, etc. Since the first kit that built at 2008, many photography gear manufactures start to produce the kits for Canon 5D Mark 2 and develop maturing and diversified product line. You can have a look at this DSLR video kit. It supports all the dimensions of Canon lens group, perfectly avoid the oblique incidence light, 240 degree adjustable hood.

5d2 video kit

The LED screen of 5D2 is slightly bright; don’t be cheated. When you are not sure about the exposure, shoot a picture for testing. In the post production, it is hard to edit 5D2 mov than RAW. Then, Mark 2 is not suitable for the sports scenes for the reason of Rolling Shutter. The most suitable scene is the fixed or slowly moving scenes.


If there are large amount of lines and need to play on video, 5D2 is not a good choice. It is because that 5D2 is 30FPS while many countries’ televisions are 25PS. If you still want to do, you may need to short the 30FPS to 25PS, which may let the dialogue feels strangely at sometimes.


For the video shooting mode of 5D Mark ii doesn’t provide manual aperture and shutter, so the machine will automatically adjusting, which is a wasting of the big aperture of EF lenses. There will be noise.


The last suggestion to video producer is that positively join the community of video shooting online or offline. Connecting with other people is the easiest way of growing up.

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