Viewfinder Eyeshade, External Monitor, and EVF, Which One Is The Best?

For DSLR video shooting lovers, the problem of monitoring is a big problem if don’t have a good accessory. There are three solutions: viewfinder eyeshade, external monitor, and EVF. Then, which one is the best of them?


Added with the viewfinder eyeshade, the camera LED screen can work normally as the camcorder viewfinder. It keeps the external lights away, which is very practical for outside shooting. What’s more, most of eyeshades have the built-in magnifying that allows you preview in 2 or 3 times and it is easier for focusing. A good eye splice also has higher resolution and anti-fog effect. Don’t concern about it? You will know the importance in cold weather. To adjust to the optical photographers, the adjustment of dioptre is also available. Besides, it also allows the closing of eye, which provides a support and balancing point of the device. Generally speaking, it is a very useful accessory, but most of them are only available with fixed screen. There is an apparent shortage of the eye splice: you can only use it at normal view angle. If the height is too high or low, it is useless.


The majority of cameras are supporting the output of HDMI and CVBS, so we can use the calibrated PC screen (with HDMI interface) as monitor. The PC screen is cheap but it is enough for the scene. Almost all of LED screens above 24 inch are supporting 1080P video. Throughout it, we can easily find out the focus. What’s more it is also available for director and camera operator.

8 inch LCD monitor

While shooting outside, the weakness of it is enlarged: too big for carrying and poor power supply. So for out shooing, the related small 5-10 inch screen is widely accepted, in which the tablet-like 7 inch DSLR video monitor is most popular. In the group of small LED monitors, the higher the resolution, the clearer the image. Small monitors can be installed on the hot shoe or DSLR stabilizer through the ball head. To erase the affection of outside lights, big sum power supply batteries are needed and the related heavy weight is not good for handle shooting.

Koolertron Magic Camera Stabilizer

EVF LCD screen is more like the combination of external monitor and eyeshade. Most of them are choosing HDMI 3.5-5 inch input high resolution LED screen and an eye splice. Most of them have built-in batteries or allow the use of camera battery. Added on the built-in HDMI output interface, the director also can preview it on the other screen. It is smaller in size and lighter in weight, which perfectly consults the above problems and combines the advantage of viewfinder eyeshade and external monitor.

Koolertron EVF 3.5" LCD Screen

In the performance aspect, the EVF is the best choice but not in price, so DSLR video producer should choose the one with your real condition.

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