Which Company Will Become the Top of Smart Car Time

On WWDC of this June, Apple advanced vice president Eddy Cue asked, “What’s your opinion if equip iOS on the vehicle screen?” Terrific is the word coming into my mind. We all know that vehicle is the king of industry and represent the highest way of industrial products design and manufacture.


As the development of technology, traditional industries are widely changed from camera to smart phone. However, the previous changes were mostly happen in the consumer electronics. Now, many big companies go into the area of vehicle including Apple’s integration of iOS, Google’s driverless car, and Tesla’s all intelligent control interface. No matter what they do, they have the same aim: make the vehicle smarter and smarter.

Apple announced the ‘iOS in the Car’ software service this year. Tim Cook claimed that the importance of it is equal to App Store and iTunes. Apple board of directors Mickey Drexler said that designing an iCar is the dream of Job. The current market of vehicle navigation system is still non-intelligent or only has the entertainment of Android. It is not a smart car only with an so-called smart system.

google driverless car

In fact, beside the previous three companies, Samsung is also tried to take a share. In this June, BMW announced that Siri and S-Voice will be the standard equipment after 2014. However, it seems that Samsung is always behind the pace of Apple, so I don’t look much on it. The future of campaign may happen in the group of Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Tesla. Or even they may become companions in the future. According to the current information, Google and Tesla have the biggest winning rate. Of course, if Apple can continue the legend what they do in the smart phone, they will still be the top company. And, it is likely that it would be a similar market like the current smart phone: two giants and several participators.


Traditional manufactures? Let’s see what they do now. Kia, Saab, Renault and some other manufactures have integrated Android OS into their new products. Audi and Benz also have integrated the Google Map and street pictures into their vehicles. However, these changes are slightly passive. I’m afraid that if these manufactures don’t have sufficient changes to the future market, they may have to subject to software manufactures. After all, Google and Tesla have their own experiences of hardware (car) and software (OS) while other companies have only one of them. It is not an easy step for traditional vehicle manufactures go into the market of software but easier for software suppliers go into car industry. So in the coming future, the current car manufactures may have to meet the great purge.

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