Which School Bag to Buy

There is a survey from Victorian Government’s health department that 70% Australian school child all around the world that damages their spine with too heavy carrying schoolbags. Though the condition of America is much better, there are also a large number of students has similar problems.

Back pain, spines damaging, muscle strain, and shoulder rounding, all these troubles of your children may have relationship with the school bag, especially when worn incorrectly. In fact, you can decrease the chance to the minimum by choosing a suitable school bag.

canvas schoolbag

If you have asked some children or his friends whether the bag is too heavy, you may find that many of them say yes. In fact, many parents take less concern on this part but buying a over-large bag with a longer service time or just give their children a adult’s bag. Backpack is widely recommended by the experts than the sling or shoulder bag. As the later two can easily brings shoulder and back problems to the children. By the way a canvas rucksack weigh less than the leather ones.

Pack your books and other things in the best way. While packing up, try your most to put the heaviest items next to your child’s back. A bag with a few separate compartments will helps a lot in packing. Never put the sharp objects next to the back. If possible, use some clothes or anything to pack them up. Many bags has drink bottle holder outside the bag, put the bottles into it. It can effectively save spillage and damp school books.

colorful school bag

Never let the pack in overloading condition. Some children experts suggest that the weight of the backpack shouldn’t more the 10% of his body, which means 3kg to a 30Kg child. In fact, 3kg is also an unsafe value for long terms.

Besides the buying and packing, carrying and lifting is also an important thing. There are three important rules while carrying a backpack: straight back, bending at the knees and make sure the bag is above their waist. Hanging or sitting on the hips do great damage s to the spine and back. Does your child every lean forward to carry the bag? If the answer is YES, it is no doubt in a wrong carrying way.

Generally speaking, a canvas backpack is the best choice of a school bag. However, you still need to choose the right size and designed one. Most important, never let it overweight and keep the right carrying habit.

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