Why Choose to Work with Koolertron

Koolertron( is a Shenzhen based Chinese retailer, wholesaler and China drop shipping company selling various products that are ”Made in China” such as photography equipment, cell phone & tablet accessories, fashion, car electronics, home and gardening products and many more.

What about the Prices?

KoolerBuy(, as the official online store for Koolertron brand products, works by offering reasonable retail prices that is unbeatable by other sites in the web. They see to it that all their high quality products are discounted to attract would be customers and to maintain their current customers.

There is no minimum number of orders required which means that you can shop retail. However,  once a wholesaler makes big orders, it would mean that the wholesaler will get even great discounts. This is one of the things Koolertron is advantageous over other china wholesalers.

What are the shipping options for

All the products sold worldwide would not be a burden to the buyer for it offers free shipping for all the products sold which would normally takes 2 to three weeks for orders lower than 50 US$. However, if you need the product in a hurry, there are alternative methods that will be used to make the shipping process quicker but must be shouldered by buyer.

Koolertron gives their customers new products almost everyday and certain products have twelve months warranty which will start from the delivery date and not from the date it was bought.


Why Choose to Join Koolertron?

1) Koolertron is growing into global brand, which has potential to be more and more popular worldwide

2) Koolertron is committed to R&D competitive products with top quality at a reasonable price.

3) Koolertron provides the best support to dealers, and help them grow up in local market.

4) Koolertron established a win-win business model with dealers so that we could achieve mutual benefit.




Want to know more information about Wholesale or Drop Shipping at Koolertron?

To save your time, we provide two special pages both at KoolerBuy and Koolertron for you.

Whether you want to be a distributor of Koolertron proudcts or want to wholesale from us, please feel free to let us know the products you are interested.