Why We Need Monitor Devices In Video Shooting

While shooting movies, one of the most important sections is monitoring: cinematographer needs to control the exposure, composition, moving position, speed, etc; director needs to adjust the position and actions of actor and objects.


It is the same principle why we need video monitor when take up the DSLR for video shooting. It is hard to imagine that the 3 inch LED screen can meet the need. It is far from the dimension of television, desktop, laptop, or even smartphone. If you have experienced the earlier times of smartphone, you would know the difference of small screen and big screen.

8" video monitor

Besides the screen size segment, below situations also urge you to uses a DSLR video monitor. Though the current cameras are equipped with the high brightness and resolution LED screen, we still can’t not see clearly the screen if the sunshine directly shining on it while outdoor shooting. Trust me; this kind of condition is very common. If it is fixed camera shooting, we can use something like clothe to cover up your camera and head, but what if you are moving all the time?


In the Standard Definition time, the frame of camcorder is very small and the depth of field is very deep, it is hard to go into the condition of out of focus. A small screen would be barely enough for composition and exposure. But we are shooting HD videos with 5D2 two, the condition become a common scene. Sometimes we have been very clear about the focusing while shooting, but when we back to the studio and play the video on the big screen, they may still out of focus. You and your actors wouldn’t be happy if you need to act again and again.


Some of DSLRs (600D, 700D) are using the design of rotating screen, but more cameras choose the fixed one. If you can’t rotate the screen, what would you do when it at a over high or low position?


Most of the time, cinematographer and director need to watch the shooting image at the same time. Do you really want them head to head for the 3 inch screen?


The above situations are not rare but very common for a formal video shooting like wedding, advertisement, etc. Then, what size of screen would be enough? For indoor shooting, I’d recommend the desktop-like 23 inch monitor, but for outdoor and most of the occasions, 7 or 8 inch monitor would be great.

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