Will Samsung Goes On Their Sucess in Smartphone Market With The New Galaxy S5?

The hottest technology news of these days is no doubt the world MWC 2014 at Barcelona. In the latest two days, all the technology Medias are attracted by the newest Samsung flagship – Galaxy S5.


CNET uses the below words as the starting of their article about the new Samsung Galaxy S5: ‘Metal body design? Nope. Eye-wateringly Crisp 2K+ display? Nuh-uh. Overhauled Android interface? Only a little.’ Not like the previous flagships like S4 and S4, the rumors of the new smartphone are fake. Well, as the company said at the congress, it has fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor, Android 4.4 KitKat, as well as other specs that are described as stunning. But really? I doubt it.

Galaxy S5 VS S4

Compared it to its predecessor Galaxy S4, the changes are big if you put them next to next. The AMOLED display on the Galaxy S5 is said to have gone through some considerable changes, even though we’re only talking about a slightly bigger, 5.1-inch display with the resolution of 1080×1920 (432 ppi). Maybe for the reason of saving battery life or other reasons, the company choose to abundant the plan of 2K. The side frame has slightly changes, which is more metal-like but still non-metal.

samsung s5

Another selling point of it is the waterproof feature of IP67. However, if you treat it as the monster of Sony L39h Xperia Z1 and put it into the water, you will be regretful. Just like the Galaxy S4, Samsung adds a lot of ‘useful’ functions into the new flagship. For example, the fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor. I’m sure that both of them will be has the same destiny of the eye-balling.


Now, there is a question now: will Samsung still be the top 1 seller of smartphone? In my opinion, the answer is YES, but won’t be too long. Samsung’s success is never due to the success or innovation of the product but marketing trick. A very high percent of Samsung revenue is used for marketing. There is still another reason of Samsung’s success: the poor performance of other smart phone manufacturers. Look at what HTC, Sony, and even Apple did in the past two years. The most challenging potential competitors are the Chinese smart phone manufactures. But the problem is that almost all of them abundant the high-end smartphone market. Therefore, the condition of top1 seller of Samsung is stable in 2014.

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