With SLR to Travel – Strategies to Choose Camera Bag

A professional photographer will know that having the right bag for his camera makes all the difference to his everyday work. Birth of camera bag is designed for the convenience of carrying cameras and protects the camera to a certain extent, in most cases, can play the role of shockproof and waterproof. But with the popularity of digital SLR, the progress of technology, the function of the camera bag is also becoming a variety. From the purse to bag and backpack and pull rod box, from soup to nuts. Camera bag of choose and buy, now already is not only considered protective, perhaps in big ways, has not only is the problem that the camera bag, but it should be said that “camera with system”.

If you are thinking about buying a new camera bag and you might not know what to look for, and then read on for some tips for getting thebag that your camera deserves.

Travel Camping Backpack Bag

1. Protection function. For SLR the high prices of electro

nic products, still need to have certain protective function package to pack. This requires professional

camera bag should have certain shock, drop, waterproof function. In this way can well protect the camera. This not only depends on the external protection function, it remains to be seen whether the internal partition between safety.

2. Capacity. The capacity camera bag is critical, we must be able to hold your camera, lens, flash cards and batteries as well as a variety of all kinds of battery accessories, also have enough partition to separate them.

3. Structural Design. Mainly refers to the camera bag space design is reasonable; the internal partition layout is scientific.

Note: High imitation hazards
Regardless of social morality aside, many people will feel that “it does not matter really pack a fake bag? Anyway, all the same, to buy high imitation is also good.” Maybe buy some

luxury bag for this idea is right, but the camera bag, the way of thinking is totally unacceptable: As load pressure, it is easy to fake camera, so the camera bag is different from the general bag or a laptop bag.

What do you need a camera bag?

Portable: Main function: prevent stroke, mild protective cushioning. Applicable people: small entry-level SLR users don’t want to buy professional SLR package. This type of camera bag mainly some pockets, bladder bag, etc., generally can only hold small entry-level SLR set of machine, capacity is small.

Shoulder bag: Main functions: protective cushioning, some models have waterproof function. Applicable people: Machine two users within the lens; this is the most standard of photography enthusiasts. Shoulder bag and oblique cross package, usually with safety screen separated into several, can fit into a fuselage and lens. Material is compared commonly thick, have certain ability to shock.

shoulder camera for travel

Backpack: Main functions: the subject had thought of design and material damping, generally have waterproof function. Applicable people: with more equipment professional photographer, journalist’s standard, suitable for tourism, travel. Backpack can add the article very much, except for one or two SLR body, three to four camera/flash; backpack can put down a lot of the laptop and other personal items. For example this travel camera backpack, ^%

camera backpack for travel



To be honest, the recommendation for the camera bag, I have been unable to model specific brand, because it is too much. Can only give a general purchasing advice, so that everyone on the basis of selection based on product characteristics: priority function, taking into account the shape.

In the optional camera bag, the first thing to locate its function – how much equipment to be installed, you do not install the notebook and so on. In determining the guide function after use electric business platform for screening, finally to choose a suitable price, good reputation, good-looking appearance can be.

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