wonderful “cloud” Photos + shooting skills

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Shooting pictures with clouds provide by koolerbuy

1 Carefully overexposed
Excessive exposure through another level clouds disappear, so we must let the photo correctly exposed cloud has a positive and sometimes even take a photo of the exposure reduction (-EV), so meticulous restoration cloud.

2 Use the polarizer (CPL)
Using a polarizer CPL, not only can make the sky bluer, and better recovery level cloud, these are not used in the case of the polarizer cannot see.

3 filming the movement of clouds
try to slow the shutter to tens of seconds, so you can capture the movement of clouds, with the rest of the environment, but also make a photo vibrant!

4 Use the gradient gray filter (GND) to balance light difference
Because you want to keep the level of the cloud, we cannot let the cloud overexposed, but would directly reduce the exposure of things on the ground becomes too dark, one solution is to use a gradient ND filter (GND) to balance light is poor, so photo shoot out will cause the sky and the land has the correct exposure!

Now let us enjoy about “cloud” wonderful photo now!

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Dslr camera bag

The canvas camera bag has a special position for laptop. It is very conveient for photgraphers who work outdoors. They can store photos, process the photos on their laptops or contact others by the laptops.

Camera shoulder bag

  • This video camera bag has two separate packets: above is for storing various objects; below is for storing camera equipments
  • It’s practical. You may put clothes, daily necessities, snacks, etc.
  • There’s an interlink between the two packets. The below packet could be taken out and used as a casual shoulder bag
  • It has a rain cover, concealed in the bottom zippered bag, so you may not worry about the articles be soaked if you come across a rain outside
  • The fasteners and accessories of this bag are made of cowhide and metals, genuine and durable


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